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Saturday, April 8th 2006

12:00 AM

Stagecoach Superleague Division One


Stagecoach Superleague Division One

Saturday 8th April 2006

Petershill 1 Lugar Boswell Thistle 1


Two penalty kicks separated by 88 minutes of pretty uninspiring football, just about says it all for me. Lugar can however be happier with the result as it edges them closer to survival in the league whilst Petershill may regard it as 2 points dropped in their battle for a promotion spot.

The game had only just got under way and Petershill played their way into the Lugar box. Mark Doolan challenged a Petershill forward for the ball and it looked as if he had played the ball away safely. Referee, Paul McDowall, however judged that the challenge was illegal and confounded everyone in Saracen Park when he blew for a foul and pointed to the spot. Once the dust had settled, Jim Dick stepped up and fired his kick past Stuart Leavy.



Jim Dick takes the penalty.


From this point on the game became quite ordinary and drab, with very few real chances for either team. Plenty of action but nothing clear cut, plenty of huffing and puffing but nothing happening in front of goal.


Craig Dickson and Andy Thomson tangle in the box


Second half Lugar attack


The Peasies seemed to be happy with their lead and were content to snuff out Lugar’s offensive play without injecting any urgency into their own attacking play.


Patrick Walker heads straight at the keeper.


Looks more like a rugby line out than football.


Hutton punches clear ahead of Paul Cameron.


Leavy saves before the cross reaches Thomson.


Thomson and Craig Pettigrew exchange pleasantries.


Chances did fall for both teams but it just didn’t happen for anyone. That is until the 90th minute when Lugar were awarded a penalty. Following a move by Thistle, Patrick Walker found his way into the box and David Hutton, the Petershill keeper, came out to meet him. Walker played the ball over the diving keeper and as he went to go round him, Hutton pulled him down. This time there was no doubt about the award and Ricky Hanvey became the Lugar hero when he sent the ball into the poke for the equaliser.


Leavy turns Dick’s shot round for a corner.


Leavy punches clear.



Petershill had persistently wasted time in the second half and this worked in their favour as, with a renewed sense of urgency, they flung everything at Lugar for the 7 minutes of added time but Lugar held firm for a well deserved share of the spoils. The Boswell go into the Easter break 8 points clear of the relegation zone and the players can relax next week when they are away rolling their eggs, but since anything can happen in this league they will not be relaxing in their next game when they face Vale of Clyde on the 22nd of April at Rosebank. (They have a 4-0 trouncing to avenge remember)

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